How to Make Tea

The simple act of making a pot of tea is both relaxing and economical.
Place one heaping teaspoon of loose leaf tea per each ten ounces of water (add double the amount for herbal blends) in a warmed teapot. The best flavor results when the leaves have plenty of room to grow as they steep.

1. Bring cool, fresh, filtered or mineral water to the recommended temperature.
2. Pour water over leaves.
3. Cover and steep for the appropriate amount of time.
4. Stir with spoon, remove tea leaves and then serve.

Tea Brewing Temperatures & Times

Black tea:

Bring water to "Billowing Waves" (200 degrees) – Steep 3 to 5 minutes and remove leaves. Steep longer depending on use of milk or not.

Oolong tea:

Allow water to achieve small beads of bubbles or "Crystal Beads" – approximately 180 degrees. Steep 2 to 3 minutes and remove leaves – leaves may be re-steep several times more.

Green tea:

Remove water from heat when it starts to steam or "Fish Eyes" appear (small bubbles on the bottom of the kettle) – approximately 170 degrees. Steep only 1 minute and remove leaves – this preserves the nutrients and flavor.

White tea:

Remove water when it starts to steam or "Fish Eyes" – approximately 170 degrees. Steep 4 to 5 minutes for best results and remove leaves.

Herbal tea:

Bring water to "Billowing Waves" or 200 degrees. Steep 3 to 4 minutes or until the tea is the color of the herbs in the blend. Remove herbs from water.

Iced tea:

Add 6 heaping teaspoons of tea into large pot, and then add enough hot water to cover tea completely. Steep tea for 10 minutes. This will form a tea concentrate. Pour this into a pitcher with 50 ounces of room temperature water. Enjoy over ice.

Proper Storage

Tea can last for one year or more, but fine teas that have multifaceted flavors can lose their complexity in less than three months. Exposure to air, light, moisture, heat, and odors will rob tea of its flavor. To keep this from occurring, buy tea fresh, in small quantities, and store them in clean, airtight containers (do not refrigerate).