Urth Caffé – Your Pumpkin Paradise!

Now that Labor Day is past, Urth Caffé is your destination for everything pumpkin-flavored!  

Urth Caffé is world famous for our Pumpkin Pie, a deep-deep-dish delight with a secret recipe, lightly spiced pumpkin filling in a crust of crushed, house-made organic graham crackers baked year-round in stone ovens at its Urth South Bay Bakery in Hawthorne, California.

Our vegan, gluten-free Pumpkin Pie made without gluten, eggs, dairy, or refined sugar is so light, delicate and delicious it has its own loyal fans among vegans and non-vegans. It is also available every day.

"It's a treat working at headquarters during the holidays," said Shallom Berkman, Urth Caffé co-founder. "It's so fragrant – you're either smelling the graham crackers being baked or our heirloom organic coffee being roasted!"

Our autumnal offerings don't stop with our world-famous Pumpkin Pie – Urth also offers sweet potato pie, pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin cheesecakes and pumpkin pound cake with vanilla fondant. Be the star of your Thanksgiving party by ordering now from Urth Caffé online at www.urthcaffe.com starting October 10th or at your favorite Urth branch.

Returning to your local Urth Caffé for Pumpkin Season is our Pumpkin Cheesecake – our pumpkin pie filling folded into our classic cheesecake recipe.

Urth Pumpkin Pie displace on elevated cake platter, with mini pumpkins to the left and lighted votive candles on right. Slice of Urth Pumpkin Pie on white place, with dollop of whipped cream and orange slice, and garnished with two berries

Urth's popular Pumpkin Pie  – a deep-deep-dish delight with a secret recipe, lightly spiced pumpkin filling in a crust of 
crushed, house-made organic graham crackers

Urth's Vegan Pumpkin Pie - with powdered sugar around the rim and crushed pecans on top. Slice of Vegan Pumpkin Pie on which plate with garnish.

Urth's Vegan Pumpkin Pie  – the pie filling is made without gluten, eggs, dairy, or refined sugar.

Whole Pumpkin Cheesecake on cake pedestal Individual Pumpkin Cheesecake with dollop of whip cream and chocolate spike.

Urth's Pumpkin Cheesecake – our pumpkin pie filling is folded into our classic cheesecake recipe. At left, a whole cheesecake; 
at right, an individual size cheesecake.

Two Pumpkin Pancakes topped with dollops of whipped cream, Acacia honey butter and pie crust crumbles, garnished with fresh berriesUrth's Pumpkin Pancakes are topped by whipped cream, Acacia honey butter and pie crust crumbles.

Our lightly spiced pumpkin puree is the star of Urth Caffé's Pumpkin Pie Latté and Pumpkin Chai Latté (both available over ice and blended ice with or without boba).

"We're the only coffee company using 100% pure pumpkin puree in our lattés," said Shallom. "In Los Angeles pumpkin spice lattes are all made with flavored syrup or powders with emulsifiers and artificial flavors. We've found that pure ingredients taste so much fresher and better."

It's also the high quality of pumpkins Urth uses that bring a rich unique flavor. The pumpkin farm is a well-guarded secret, and some years the amount of choice pumpkins are less than other seasons. "Sometimes the supply is so limited we struggle to meet the demand during the holiday season," Shallom said.

The Pumpkin Pie Latté features premium pumpkin spice pie filling folded into steamed milk, high-quality heirloom, organic espresso and topped with fresh whipped cream, crumbles of organic graham cracker crust and cinnamon.

Our Divine Spice Chai, a family recipe developed in 1991 with 100% certified organic herbs and spices, is combined with real pumpkin puree, oat milk and a touch of acacia honey to produce our Pumpkin Chai Latté.

Urth Caffé is bringing back its very popular Sweet Potato Pie to its season menu. It was such a hit when it was introduced in 2016 that 7,000 pies were gobbled up. It's really no surprise so many were served at holiday dinners, because each pie is made from scratch – not made ahead of time and frozen to thaw latter.

"I think there's a fair number of guests who don't know we make these by hand every day," Shallom said.

Each pie starts just as you would make your own sweet potato pie – by roasting organic sweet potatoes in Urth's stone-deck ovens. About 3,000 pounds were roasted last year.

Urth Co-Founder Jilla Berkman drops by the bakery when sweet potatoes are roasting, Shallom said, to pick up one for lunch. "It's one of those good carbs and is packed with nutrients, so it's really good for you," he said. Select spices are folded into the roasted sweet potatoes for the pie filling that actually "tastes just like your favorite sweet potato casserole."

The Sweet Potato Pie filling is poured into a deep hand-built crust of crushed ginger snap cookies that are also baked in-house by Urth's staff that is on duty 24/7. A homemade crumble of crushed pecans forms a thick topping of each Sweet Potato Pie adding a flavorful finish. Urth's Sweet Potato Pie truly has the recipe for success. "It's not common for a neighborhood café to do this with this high quality," Shallom said.

"Our Pumpkin Pie was my personal favorite before the Sweet Potato Pie was created. Now it's my favorite holiday pie!" 

Whole Sweet Potato Pie with graham cracker crust, pecan topping and three whole pecansIndividual size Sweet Potato Pie - orange filling with graham cracker topping with whole pecans
Left, whole Urth Sweet Potato Pie with house-made crushed, ginger snap cookie crust, topped with crushed pecans. Right, individual Sweet Potato Pie.

These seasonal favorites are available at all Urth Caffés, on the Urth App and at "Order Online & Delivery" on www.urthcaffe.com.

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