It's Worth The Wait!

Today's coffee and café chains are filled with automation and short-cuts designed for speed, efficiency and far too often only to meet corporate profitability goals.

At Urth Caffé no short cuts are taken. "The Urth Way" is a dedication to an old school, careful approach to serve excellence without automation or short cuts of any kind. Each Urth Caffé department has masters that carefully craft by hand heirloom and organic coffees, fine teas, health-conscious cuisine, and exquisite bakery items such as breads, pastries, and delicate desserts that make Urth so popular. This approach requires a team and culture dedicated to doing it right. "The Urth Way" may take a bit longer, but it is worth the wait!

About the Urth Way . . .

Each member of the Urth Barista Team undergoes a minimum six months of training to master the unique way of the Urth Caffé heirloom and organic coffee and tea bar. Every espresso-based drink starts with grinding fresh espresso beans for each individual order.

There are two heirloom and organic espresso blends to choose from: Urth Dolcé™, which is a light roast espresso that is sweet and mild, or Urth Italia™,  a medium dark roast espresso that is rich and strong. Urth Caffé also offers heirloom, organic natural water decaf espresso that is 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% chemical free.

Milk is carefully steamed with fresh cold milk in a small, individual milk pitcher for each order to carefully spin and mix in air to create a superior texture of creamy micro foam. Urth offers many milk options from the best oat, soy, almond, coconut, and organic whole milk upon request. Guests can also select their ideal sweetness level (from 100% unsweetened to very sweet and everything in between) and choose from many excellent types of all natural sweeteners such as organic agave nectar, stevia, maple syrup, honey, brown sugar, and organic sugar

Barista measures espresso beans for a latte Barista'shand is shown packing ground espresso into a filter before brewing Barista watches coffee dripping into large white mug as it is forced through filter of espresso machine.

At top, left to right: Grinding espresso, packing ground espresso into filter, water is forced under pressure through very
 finely ground coffee packed tightly over the filter.
Below, left to right: Milk is carefully steamed with fresh cold milk in a small, individual milk pitcher for each order; folding steamed milk into espresso, barista designs a mini work of art in the foam on top of each cup.

Milk is steamed in a small metal pitcher Steamed milk is added to cup of brewed espresso Three drinks, a blended ice matcha boba, a latte and another latte with barista etching a butterfly design into the foam

There are no premade mixes for Urth's famous heirloom and organic coffee and tea granitas – they are all individually ice-blended to order.

Every coffee and tea beverage is carefully crafted by an Urth master barista and are completely customizable. It may take a little bit longer, but it is necessary to develop superior texture and flavor.

Loose leaf tea green leaves and yellow flower petals Loose leaf tea with blue and orange flower petals and green leaves Loose leaf teas with jasmine flowers and green leaves Loose leaf tea with rose petals and green tea leaves

Teas are served by the pot at Urth Caffé and brewed fresh for take-out in the French press pot. In the French press pot, tea leaves release 
their full flavor and color because they are allowed to fully expand in hot water.

Every day Urth brews one green, one black, and one herbal infusion iced tea fresh from our selection of fine loose-leaf teas. Teas are served by the pot at Urth Caffé and brewed fresh for take-out in the French press pot. In the French press pot, tea leaves release their full flavor and color because they are allowed to fully expand in hot water. Each pot is timed for the perfect extraction of each individual tea – less than one minute for green teas, two minutes for white and oolong, four minutes for black and fruit scented, and five minutes for herbal infusions. After the perfect steeping time, the leaves are pressed down to the bottom of the pot with a mesh screen. Once at the bottom, the tea leaves cannot become stronger, thus halting the brewing process with precise perfection.

Glass of orange juice in front ot whole and cut oranges. Glass of watermelon juice with boba Glass of green juice with a variety of green fruits and vegetables in background

From left, Urth Caffé's fresh-squeezed juices include orange juice, watermelon juice, Green Juice, among many others.Urth's Fresh Juice Bar fresh-squeezes to order orange, apple, grapefruit, watermelon, carrot or celery and kale, spinach, parsley, beet or ginger are available to add in.

Urth's juice bar only squeezes fresh fruits and vegetable juices individually to order to achieve the best taste and vitality. Bottled or from concentrate juices are never served. Also, fresh seasonal fruit is hand-cut to order for every fruit plate – there are no pre-cut fruits for fruit plates. We believe California grows the best fruits and vegetables in the world and Urth Caffé buys the best available, organic each season. When in season, we prefer to buy organic, heirloom fruits and vegetables direct from family-owned farms.

 Shot of four fruit smoothie blends exclusively from Urth Caffé: left to right, Amazon Rainforest Smoothie with acai, mango, pineapple and banana; the green Vivavocado Smoothie; the light brown Devine Date Smoothie; and the Purple Power Smoothie  

Urth Caffé cuts fresh fruits and vegetables for each individual order whether it is for smoothies or menu items.
Above left to right: Rainforest Smoothie, Vivavocado and Divine Date Smoothies™, Purple Power Smoothie.
Below: Fresh Fruit Plate (half-size), Yogurt Bowl, Acai Bowl.

Fruit plate with sliced melon, dragon fruit, watermelon, strawberries and more Fruit bowl with yogurt, sliced strawberries and bananas in which bowl with smaller white bowl with granola Urth Acai Bowl in white bowl with sliced fruits - acai, bananas, strawberries, garnished with blueberries and raspberries and mint sprig

Tips for Your Urth Caffé Visit
(does not apply to App orders)

Urth Caffé is a casual coffee house café and the bar, kitchen and bakery departments are run separately and menu items from each department can come out at different times. Bar drinks often come out last because of the popularity of Urth's signature heirloom, organic coffees and fine teas and the careful way that each is prepared individually to order.

To coordinate delivery of food items with drinks, please order food items first with a cashier, then ask for a manager when you sit down. They can use their tablet to place an additional order – such as for drinks – at your table.

If you are with friends who are paying separately and planning to sit together at the same table, consider placing the order all on one ticket and with the same table number so that the kitchen team will know it is for the same party.

Three photos showing espresso and green tea lattes

Take advantage of the Urth App & Urth Caffé Loyalty Program

It is highly recommended to "Order Online" from or the Urth App that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. This is simply the best experience to order, pre-pay and skip the line to order completely. Urth Caffé's own delivery service is far superior to any third-party platform with more flexibility and ability to send update messages, receive feedback and resolve problems effectively.

Graphic shows Urth App on cell phones Graphic shows an open laptop with the words "Order Online" printed over it in white letters

Order and pay ahead so you can skip the line to order by using the Urth App (available in the App Store/Google Play) and 
"Order Online & Delivery" for your local Urth Caffé on

Take advantage of the Urth Loyalty Program available at all locations (except at Urth LAX). This wonderful program rewards loyalty points for coffee and tea beverages purchased toward winning free drinks. The Loyalty program also rewards points for purchases of Urth Caffé fresh roasted, heirloom and organic coffee beans toward a free pound of coffee. Card holders receive a free dessert during their birthday month, rewards for referring friends to the Loyalty program, and receive special offers and great inside information about Urth Caffé.

Graphic shows Urth Loyalty Card with a background of decorative lattes
Sign up for the Urth Caffé Loyalty Program here.

It is true that on Saturday and Sundays, especially 11:30am to 2:30pm, expect a lot of people out enjoying our beautiful, sprawling outdoor patios with water fountains, lush landscaping, and beautiful people watching. Weekdays are far more tranquil – a true oasis!

Always give yourself some extra time, relax, enjoy the Urth environment and the carefully crafted heirloom, organic coffees, fine teas, healthy cuisine, and exquisite bakery – "The Urth Way" – it is worth the wait!

Sunset view of Urth Caffe Laguna Beach front porch and patio with tables and umbrellas Exterior view of Urth Caffe Beverly Hills showing patio with guests sitting under red umbrellas Exterior view of Urth Caffe Melrose with guests sitting at tables on patio

Urth Caffé Laguna Beach, Urth Caffé Beverly Hills, Urth Caffé Melrose

Exterior view of Urth Caffe at the Wynn in Las Vegas showing guests at table along walkway Exterior of Urth Caffe Downtown Los Angeles with sunset and clouds behind it Exterior view of Urth Caffe Orange showing umbrellas and tables along sidewalk with guests and guests at front door.

Urth Caffé at Wynn Plaza in Las Vegas, Urth Caffé Downtown Los Angeles, Urth Caffé Orange

Night time exterior view of Urth Caffe PasadenaDay time view exterior of Urth Caffe Santa Monica patio with umbrellas, servers, guests Front door and porch of Urth Caffe South Bay

Urth Caffé Pasadena, Urth Caffé Santa Monica, Urth Caffé South Bay