Introducing Urth's New Pistachio Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

We are proud and excited to share with you that Urth Pistachio Butter™ and Urth Chocolate Hazelnut Cream™ are now available at all Urth Caffés!   

These delicious and buttery spreads are exclusive to Urth Caffé and were developed by Urth Caffé Co-Founder Shallom Berkman and Cima Norma, a Swiss chocolatier that has been making magic with chocolate since 1903. Thoughtfully taking the cocoa process and chocolate making one step further than most chocolatiers, they specialize in the finest organic cocoa, ingredients and non-refined natural sugar sourced from sustainable origins. Using a chocolate making process that is seeped in tradition and a rich history, they create exceptional chocolates that are "lovingly handmade." 

Cima Norma vintage labels  Old workers at Cima Norma factory

Vintage photos of Cima Norma  
Left: Vintage label for Cima Norma chocolate
Right: Factory Workers - Cima Norma (1900's)

Shallom visited Cima Norma's factory in Lugano, Switzerland in February of 2023 to help develop these new recipes for Urth. And the beautiful jars of Pistachio Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream are now available for purchase at all Urth Caffé locations. 

                                                           Chocolate pouring from pitcher

Urth Co-Founder Shallom Berkman and a Master Chocolatier
at Cima Norma's factory in Lugano, Switzerland,
creating Urth Pistachio Butter and Urth Hazelnut Cream

Also available are new winter seasonal menu items such as: fluffy Chocolate Pistachio Waffles, made with our homemade waffle batter, baked to a golden perfection, drizzled with Urth's Pistachio Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream and topped with a dollop of freshly-whipped matcha cream, matcha powder, chopped pistachios and garnished with fresh seasonal berries.

Chocolate Pistachio Waffle golden brown & Drizzled with Urth Pistachio Butter and Urth Chocolat Hazelnut Cream

And don't miss our delicious and satisfying Chocolate Pistachio French Toast King, coming soon to all Urth Caffés; or our Chocolate Pistachio Pancakes, which will be available at the Beverly Hills, South Bay, Orange, Laguna Beach and Las Vegas locations, throughout the winter season. 

                                            Chocolate Pistachio French Toast King drizzled with Urth Hazelnut Cream and Urth Pistachio ButterChocolate Pistachio Pancakes with Urth Pistachio Butter and Hazelnut Cream and adorned with fresh berries

Left: Urth Chocolate Pistachio French Toast King
Right: Chocolate Pistachio Pancakes


If you are craving a little pick-me-up (or just a delicious dessert!) try our Pistachio Tiramisu, made with hazelnut and chocolate sponge cake, in-house baked lady fingers that have been soaked in jasmine tea, layered with mascarpone pistachio cream and a generous sprinkling of pistachio white chocolate crisps and chopped pistachios. Divine! 

Pistachio Tiramisu covered in chopped pistachios, which chocolate & garnished with an edible rose petal

Our newly introduced Caffé Pistachio Latté is made with espresso, Urth pistachio butter, pistachio milk and a touch of organic matcha as a garnish (rich and delicious!). Caffe Pistachio Latte with beautiful latte art of "Tree of Life" or pistachio treeA work of art—"The Tree of Life"—or could that be a pistachio tree artfully created in the decadent and creamy foam that adorns this delicious and satisfying limited time creation? Perfectly balanced sweetness and a richness that does not overpower, but melds, seamlessly, with the dark espresso, pistachio butter and pistachio milk. A perfect, warming, cup of joy and comfort and the perfect way to bring in the new year. This nutrient-rich, warming and comforting drink brings both comfort and nutrition.  

And look out for our Peace Pistachio Smoothie™ which will be coming soon, made with Urth's Sicilian pistachio butter (vegan), cocoa nibs, banana, pistachio milk and sweetened with organic dates and 100% plant-based. 

Urth Chocolate Hazelnut Cream, which will replace Nutella™ at Urth is a creamy, delicious alternative that does not contain highly processed and refined oil and sugar and is made with only 7 ingredients: hazelnuts, cane sugar, milk   powder, almond oil, cocoa butter, cacao nibs and rich, buttery Madagascar vanilla—some of the best quality beans available. This delicious and delectable spread can be slathered on toast or bread, used in a variety of dishes—or simply licked off the spoon to enjoy its silky, rich, buttery, nutritionally-packed flavor. 

Jar of Urth Pistachio Butter & Jar of Urth Hazelnut Cream

And now a little bit about what makes Urth's Pistachio Butter different and better than the rest and one of the best pistachio butters in the world: 

Pistachios harvested from Sicily are grown on the slopes of its fertile volcanic soil, producing rich, buttery  flavorful pistachios that have an excellent, smooth texture and are high in fiber, good fats, proteins and vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and thiamine. Although pistachios are considered nuts, they are actually seeds. These vibrant green (and purple!) sweet and buttery pistachios create a delicate, rich and creamy texture. Prized by some of the best chefs in the world, they are sweeter, smaller and richer than ordinary pistachios. The orchards in Sicily are so prized that they have to be guarded from thieves!

These coveted and rare pistachios have been transformed into the delectable, delicious and rich Pistachio Butter you can find now at all our locations. Urth Pistachio Butter is free from inflammatory vegetable oils and is made from these Sicilian pistachios and only 8 simple ingredients. It is a great spread for bread and bakery items. Says Co-Founder, Shallom Berkman, "It is like peanut butter, only much more nutritious and delicious!" 

Also, did you know that February 26th is National Pistachio Day? From February 12th to February 26th, write a review of your favorite Urth Caffé menu item, beverage or dessert at to enter our drawing to win a free Urth Pistachio Tiramisú! Drawing ends at 6pm, February 26th. Good luck and look for details in our upcoming February newsletter!

Meanwhile, enjoy! And look forward to more exciting and delicious Urth Pistachio Butter and Urth Hazelnut Cream menu and drink items coming to our cafés in the future! Happy 2024!   Spoon with dripping chocolate                                                                                              


Written by: Lisa Mouhibian