Certified Organically Grown

Independent third party certifiers inspect our farms annually to the highest international standards guaranteeing that our coffee is 100% chemical free. Inspectors test soil, leaf and beans for chemical residue and audit the shipping of the beans to prevent blending or spraying of beans. All Urth coffees are fully inspected, documented and certified annually.

Heirloom Coffee

Heirloom means that the trees have never been genetically modified, and are like their ancient ancestors found growing wild in the rainforests. Heirloom species such as Bourbon, Geisha, Heirloom Culitvar, Typica (to name a few) can grow up to twenty feet tall, require deep shade, and produce less coffee yield than hybridized trees. Heirloom coffee has superior flavor, has a more distinctive aroma, and is naturally lower in acid for easier digestion.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our farmers use a holistic approach to grow superior coffee while protecting the longevity of the soil including composting, intercropping and cross cropping, natural pest control and rain water collection. Composting is comprised of collecting coffee fruit, skins, and all organic debris to make rich, natural fertilizer for future crops. Our sustainable techniques play a major role in protecting soil vitality, yielding healthier crops, and providing economic diversity for the growers.

Shade Grown & Fruit Trees

Our source farms are situated deep within the dense shade of the rainforest and or shade provided by fruit trees. Shade grown ensures quality and protects rain forest and bird habitat. Under a canopy of larger trees the coffee cherry ripens more slowly and produces higher quality coffee that is sweeter and more aromatic. We plant avocado, fig, citrus, papaya, and banana trees to attract birds, bees, and provide shade cover. The flower blossoms of fruit trees infuse the coffee with their aromas, and the fruits bring additional sources of income to the farm.

Direct Trade

Every year we make journeys to have direct relationships with our farmers. Urth source farms are paid a premium and may receive twice as much as other "fair trade" farmers in the same country. Urth invests in solar panel systems; rainwater collection systems, livestock, and other tools in the farming villages we visit. We want to know that the passion and hard work that goes into growing Urth coffees will result in better living conditions and fair wages.

Highest Quality

Only the crème of the crop is good enough — our coffees are grown at the highest altitudes and we employee only the best quality practices such as picking only red, ripe cherries and triple hand sorting to find the finest beans. Only the top 1% of the yield will be good enough – ensuring the lowest acid, finest tasting coffee you will ever try! Coffee that meets Urth standards are some of the rarest and most sought after coffee beans in the world.