The Story of Mountain Gorilla Coffee

Deep in the Afromontane forests of Uganda in East Africa, at the altitude of 9,000 feet above sea level, the volcanic rocks and soil make this one of the most fertile spots on Earth; where pure heirloom bourbon coffee trees are grown at the highest altitude producing remarkably rich coffees.

Above the volcanic slopes lives the world's most endangered ape, The Mountain Gorilla. These gentle creatures have never survived captivity to date, and have been the victims of massive poaching. Today's population of Mountain Gorillas is estimated to be only 900 individuals.

We at Urth Caffé have the great privilege to make expeditions every year to Uganda since 2004 to visit the Mountain Gorillas and to meet with local farmers who live in their midst. Through our alliance and long term commitment to these dedicated farmers investing in solar power systems, rainwater collection systems, tools, dairy cows, livestock, and coffee processing equipment – our friends have founded the Mountain Gorilla Organic Coffee Estate – one of the world's finest coffee estates. The estate planted for Urth exclusively bourbon heirloom coffee trees in the black volcanic soil to produce some of the very best coffee. By generating income through growing heirloom, organic coffee with sustainable agriculture, these small holder farming communities can be supported while protecting the habitat for the Mountain Gorillas.

This fine coffee had never been exported out of Uganda before and is exclusively available at Urth Caffé. Mountain Gorilla Coffee is perhaps the highest grown coffee in the world, and one of the richest, most aromatic coffees with a brisk, herbal flavor, vanilla notes and a floral aroma.