Urth Heirloom & Organic Coffee

Urth Caffé is widely considered to be the first exclusively heirloom & organic coffee roaster in America. Working directly with many of our own exclusive sources in Africa, and South America, Urth Caffé produces heirloom, organic, award-winning coffees roasted in our Hawthorne, California coffee roasting facility utilizing vintage German roasting machines and a green-technology dream machine Loring Roaster manufactured in Santa Rosa, California.

Urth Caffé brand coffee is 100% pesticide-free and is grown in the natural shade of fruit trees and rainforest canopy utilizing organic, sustainable, and biodynamic agriculture that promotes the health and longevity of soil and ecosystems while ensuring the protection of animal and human habitats. Triple-sorted by hand, only the finest, ripe cherries are used.

Urth coffee is organically grown at the highest altitudes with old stock heirloom trees. Heirloom trees produce some of the richest, smoothest, and lowest acid coffees in the world – coffees that are naturally gentler and easier to digest.