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Scandinavian Cupp™

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Region: Indonesian and Central American
Altitude: 4,500 feet to 6,500 feet
Variety: Typica and Bourbon
Process: Washed, Pulp Natural, and Semi Washed
Characteristics: caramel, oak, burgundy, thoroughly balanced
Roast Scale: 6 out of 10 in darkness

A medium dark roasting style preference originating from Scandinavian, Nordic and Germanic countries. This roast profile develops the body of the coffee fully, produces a distinctive aroma, and caramelizes the coffee’s natural sugars accentuating classic coffee, chocolate and caramel flavor profiles with less prominent dark roast notes. Scandinavian Cupp is crafted from carefully chosen Indonesian and Central American beans.

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12 oz

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Whole Bean, #1 – Extra fine grind for Turkish, #2 – Fine grind for commercial espresso & stovetop espresso, #3 – Medium-Fine grind for home espresso & stovetop espresso, #4 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #5 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #6 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #7 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #8 – Coarse grind for metal filter-Gold, #9 – Extra Coarse Grind for French Press & Percolator