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Urth Dolce™ Espresso

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Region: Eastern Africa, Central and South America
Altitude: 5,000 to 6,300 feet
Variety: Heirloom Cultivar, Typica, and Heirloom Bourbon
Process: Natural Sun Dried and Washed
Characteristics: floral aroma and notes of summer ripe peach & butterscotch
Roast Scale: 2 out of 10 darkness

Urth Dolce Espresso came about after a coffee expedition to Milano, Italy. We went to the most famous espresso bars and were astonished to discover how light the espresso blends were roasted, yet had such a sweet well developed flavor. This discovery kicked off a 14 year research on how to achieve this kind of well-developed light roast espresso. Typically coffee roasted so lightly will taste too acidic and watery. We finally discovered a careful slow, long roast profile along with a health quantity of low acid South American beans that created this amazing light roast espresso. Now this has become one of our most popular espressos at Urth Caffé! This espresso blend is remarkable for its wonderful sweetness (hence the name dolce) and its’ sparkling butterscotch flavor, and it is much milder than our classic Urth Italia Espresso blend.

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Whole Bean, #1 – Extra fine grind for Turkish, #2 – Fine grind for commercial espresso & stovetop espresso, #3 – Medium-Fine grind for home espresso & stovetop espresso, #4 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #5 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #6 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #7 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #8 – Coarse grind for metal filter-Gold, #9 – Extra Coarse Grind for French Press & Percolator