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Old Grandpa!™

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Region: Central American
Altitude: 5,500 feet
Variety: Bourbon
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
Process: Washed
Characteristics: a soulful smoky taste with a hint of licorice
Roast Scale: 10 out of 10 in darkness

This maybe the darkest roasted coffee in the US or even the world! The roast room is thick with smoke when our cast iron roasting machine billows as we craft our Old Grandpa! Blend. We select the densest bean of the year that can withstand the heat without breaking – this is usually a strictly hard bean grade from Central America. This roast is brought to the limit of darkness – many times causing fires in our roaster! The results are worth the risk…we have crafted a coffee so soulful, with a deep smoky, licorice flavor – it has been compared to a fine whiskey. If you are an extreme dark roast lover – go no further you have found the ultimate!

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12 oz

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Whole Bean, #1 – Extra fine grind for Turkish, #2 – Fine grind for commercial espresso & stovetop espresso, #3 – Medium-Fine grind for home espresso & stovetop espresso, #4 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #5 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #6 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #7 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #8 – Coarse grind for metal filter-Gold, #9 – Extra Coarse Grind for French Press & Percolator