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Classic French Roast

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Region: Eastern Africa, Indonesian, Central American
Altitude: 4,500 feet to 6,500 feet
Variety: Heirloom Cultivar, Typica and Bourbon
Process: Washed, Semi-Washed, and Natural Sun Dry
Characteristics: a heavy, full bodied blend with a dark roast aroma
Roast Scale: 9 out of 10 in darkness

In the late eighties, our travels took us up the West Coast from San Francisco all the way to Seattle, Washington (and Vancouver). The most popular style of coffee at that time was definitely “French Roast” which was a solid, dark roasted coffee. We set out to master this popular style and make the smoothest, darkest French Roast around! Interestingly, some years later we had the chance to visit France and scour the country tasting coffee and studying styles…We found that most of the coffee in France was imported light roast blends from Italy! Even though the coffee was lightly roasted, we learned that the French prefer to brew their coffee very strong. It must have been the strength of the brew that inspired American West Coast Roasters to make dark roast the signature of a “French Roast.” At Urth we love our dark roasted Classic French – our heirloom beans allow us to develop a heavy, full-bodied, syrupy blend with a long lasting flavor and a very smooth finish. Enjoy a cup of Classic French and savor the dark roast aroma!

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12 oz

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Whole Bean, #1 – Extra fine grind for Turkish, #2 – Fine grind for commercial espresso & stovetop espresso, #3 – Medium-Fine grind for home espresso & stovetop espresso, #4 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #5 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #6 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #7 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #8 – Coarse grind for metal filter-Gold, #9 – Extra Coarse Grind for French Press & Percolator