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Hawaiian Kona Mahina Mele Estate

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Region: Kona Island, Hawaii
Altitude: 3,600 to 6,000 feet
Variety: Kona Typica
Process: Washed
Grade: Extra Fancy
Roast Scale: 4 out of 10 darkness
Characteristics: Mild, cocoa, dark cherry and hints of macadamia

This single family estate, certified organic Kona coffee is hand sorted, and screened to strictly #19 size beans, known as “extra fancy” grade— carefully separated from the rest of the crop. Our friends in Kona write about their experience growing this exceptional coffee: “Our certified organic coffee farm has flourished, and was the first place winner in the 2014 Kona Cupping Contest. Using only organic practices, solar energy, and water catchment, the farm soon became an oasis for birds, chameleons, and all plant life. The coffee appreciated the attention and soon became vibrant with red plump cherries. The rich volcanic soils of Hawaii and tropical climate allowed the coffee to thrive. Named after our daughter, Kona Rose Coffee is rich and chocolatey with undertones of macadamia nut, cherry and citrus. Please enjoy the fruits of our labors.”

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12 oz

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Whole Bean, #1 – Extra fine grind for Turkish, #2 – Fine grind for commercial espresso & stovetop espresso, #3 – Medium-Fine grind for home espresso & stovetop espresso, #4 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #5 – Medium grind for Machine Drip (Paper filter), #6 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #7 – Medium-Coarse grind for siphon, drip pots, #8 – Coarse grind for metal filter-Gold, #9 – Extra Coarse Grind for French Press & Percolator