Biometric Policy

To define the policy and procedures for collection, use, safeguarding, storage, retention, and destruction of biometric data collected by Urth Payroll Services, Inc. (the “Company”).

Biometric data means personal information stored by the Company about an individual’s physical characteristics that can be used to identify that person. Biometric data can include but is not limited to fingerprints, voiceprints, facial shape, or scan of hand or face geometry.

The Company’s policy is to protect and store biometric data in accordance with applicable standards and laws including, but not limited to, the California Labor Code Section 1051. Except as set forth below, the Company will not share, sell, lease, trade, or otherwise profit from an individual’s biometric data. Biometric data will not be disclosed by the Company unless (a) consent is obtained, (b) disclosure is necessary to complete a financial transaction requested or authorized by the individual, (c) disclosure is required by law, or (d) disclosure is required by subpoena. Biometric data will be stored using a reasonable standard of care and in a manner that is the same as or exceeds the standards used to protect other confidential information held by the Company. The Company will destroy biometric data when the initial purpose for obtaining or collecting such data has been fulfilled. The Company reserves the right to amend this Biometric Information Security Policy at any time in compliance with applicable law.