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Organic Coffee

Variety of packaged coffees including Rainforest blend and Urth Dolce Espresso

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Choose from our exclusive signature blends available in light, medium & dark roasts, single organic varietals, limited reserve offerings, and Swiss Water Decafs. Urth Caffé’s organic, heirloom coffee is uniquely rich, with a strong & sweet flavor, aromatic, and unbelievably smooth. Heirloom coffee boasts less acid and oils than any other coffee in the world.

About Urth Coffee

Founded in 1989, Urth Caffé is widely considered the first coffee roasting company in America to offer exclusively organically grown, heirloom coffees. Each season we choose the very finest beans from our farmers – carefully selecting only a small percentage of the crop representing the coffee’s finest seasonal flavor & characteristics. The flavor profile of our blends changes from season to season – always presenting exciting new characteristics.

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Organic Coffee Standards

Certified Organically Grown

Independent third party certifiers inspect our farms annually to the highest international standards guaranteeing that our coffee is 100% chemical free. Inspectors test soil, leaf and beans for chemical residue and audit the shipping of the beans to prevent blending or spraying of beans. All Urth coffees are fully inspected, documented and certified annually.

Why Buy Organic

Coffee is the heaviest chemically treated food commodity in the world, and the coffee industry is wrought with environmental destruction, deforestation, and social oppression. In support of passionate sustainable organic coffee farmers – Urth Caffé has sought to bring the greatest coffee to its customers – a coffee that is not only superb, but is also healthier for the people who grow it, who drink it, and for the world.

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Brewing Tips

The Story of Mountain Gorilla Coffee

Deep in the Afromontane forests of Uganda in East Africa, at the altitude of 9,000 feet above sea level, the volcanic rocks and soil make this one of the most fertile spots on Earth; where pure heirloom bourbon coffee trees are grown at the highest altitude producing remarkably rich coffees.

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